The time I felt God’s touch

It doesn't matter who you are, but GOD sees your inside


Faith Matters _ a little sermon+++

Yup, let me give a gist, i am not a priest nor the perfect individual but i write this to remind myself that faith indeed matters. So, here goes, To have faith is something difficult to follow despite the fact it's the least we could do. Everyone of us, knows the story of Goliath and... Continue Reading →

$$$Poor Girl Ambition$$$

Hi all, What do you think only boys should be educated and girls be at home? I don't get it? Even in this century, why this happens in India. Are we still in the 40's or just that we are physically present here but our minds refuse to come back. Every girl or woman I... Continue Reading →


Yup that's me !!! Well, let me take you all down my memory lane. It's something that made me to write and as well-kept that desire deep down buried because as you know it's not easy to write. Sometimes the world threatens you in such way, that you bury your desires, even wipe its trails... Continue Reading →


Wow for long time I had a desire to learn Hindi, my national language. I know Tamil, English, Russian and can understand Malayalam but not Hindi. Then came my chance to learn it. Unlike any nationals or state, north Indians have unique ability to not laugh at people who speak Hindi wrongly. That gave me... Continue Reading →

A Much Needed Miracle!!!

Thanks for joining me! Do you remember the last time a miracle happened in your life? Or does miracle even happen nowadays? May be its all a self satisfying factor. May be we don't want to know that we lost, we make this miracle as a hope that success will one day knock our door...... Continue Reading →

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