A Much Needed Miracle!!!

Thanks for joining me!

Do you remember the last time a miracle happened in your life?

Or does miracle even happen nowadays?

May be its all a self satisfying factor. May be we don’t want to know that we lost, we make this miracle as a hope that success will one day knock our door… May be or may be not!?!?


That was a long and strange night. I was totally exhausted and was doing my 36 hrs duty. It’s a ward full of comatose and sick patients, i wouldn’t expect the day to be better.

I just needed a break or else would be admitted in the same ward. But then there opened the elevator door with a patient and relatives running in, all screaming and as well chattering. I checked in, the patient found to be a 19 year old girl if I could remember properly she was totally disoriented and definitely not co-operative.

We checked all vitals and stabilized her, did all the investigation. You wouldn’t believe, her life was hanging by a thread.
So many times it happens to us, we are pushed to the edge of the cliff,its like either you jump or fly!?!?

We can’t do both. What do we do,we hang by it till

either we fall or expect a miracle to make us fly.

In either way, its the wait that troubles us and the clueless nature of the situation we are in. It has happened so many times to me, i am sure to everyone of us.

That girl’s life did hang by a thread.We did what we could, and waited for her to respond.
Last week I received a patient with similar condition but

at an early stage but we couldn’t save him. That thought kept troubling me. What on earth should we do to save her?

Then it struck me, well since we tried all that we know, let’s leave it to GOD to work. You know a miracle always happen only when you open the door for it, at least keep the door unlocked or else you will be a blind man in the middle of a rose field. You can smell the flowers but can never see them.

The next day on routine rounds something curious happens.

As i was examining her,she held my hand and replied,” come let’s leave from here, they are trying to kill me, come, please save me” …. I can give you a lot of names for that clinical condition but that doesn’t matter, the one that matters is she is not improving but getting worse.

As a matter of fact, people believe it’s the medicines and injections that we give, saves a life. But there is nothing that could save a life if that person willpower doesn’t stand to survive.

That girl was a fighter, not an ordinary one but a really tough fighter. The reason we fight is to prove that we won’t give up just because someone asks us to.

There is a mythology in our ward, you walk into this ward and walk out you are indeed a true hero, a great survivor(tertiary care center). So she did fight her battle and by the end of the month, i shifted to another department. A month later, i had to visit this previous ward for a work and found a group of people gathered around that girl’s bed. I saw that girl talking happily around her relatives. The relatives came and thanked our team but I bet she dint recognize me.

But there i saw her walk out of the ward like a true hero. I murmured to myself that is what I call a miracle. A much needed miracle for me to take my life forward.

Miracles are everywhere,they are pockets of blessings sent by GOD, to us, to lift our spirits and to make us realize that no matter what, no one can touch us, because GOD is with us.
Receive your miracle today and extend it to others. You will never know when one needs it and you will never know when you might receive it, but it will always be your much needed miracle.


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