It’s the one you think the least, ends up at the top.


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They say never look down on the little one. Does anyone really believe that? If they do, I guess bullying wouldnt exist at all, altogether.

So I think, everybody who advises is either being bullied or doesn’t believe in what they say.

I didn’t make many friends at school, probably because I was reserved, too shy, insecure or you can put any term to it. Even now I have very few countable friends , but that doesn’t matter. Whats needed is true friendship.

So since my friendship circle is small, I rarely get into conversation. Then one day when i looked back, no one was there as a friend to me, it was like being myself in a crowded place.

Sometimes all we need is a friend who will not judge and to whom we can open our mind without doubt.

So that makes the friendship more enjoyable.
So in order to get friends, I tried to become more interactive but failed miserably at it.

Usually I hate being bullied and hate to bully others. But then one day i was like, nothing harm in having Some fun. I did find no harm in it. And there i was, remarking every individual i met…

First day it was fun, then later my conscience bothered for a while. After sometime, that too left, I found joy in bullying.

Bullying makes us look superior, that we are no less than anyone. Probably because the one who bullies, is always afraid of loosing.

Days passed by, one day I got into a bus fully crowded, was snowing pretty bad outside and temperature below -30. To get a bus we had waited for an hour. The bus was overcrowded may be it would have been the only bus in that route, cause many routes were diverted due to the snow.

We were making our way into the crowded bus. With all that jackets and people in it, it was not that easy.
So we were just remarking everyone around us. There was a particularly obese lady near me.

I used to be a very thin girl, they used to say I would fly off, if the wind blows a bit hard. So my friends were making a contrasting laugh out of our picture. I , on the other hand went overboard, started making remarks about her huge size and giving a big laugh to others.

I never thought I could be so mean, until that day. I was making fun of a poor woman, taking advantage over the fact that we speak different languages.

To think about it now, I really feel ashamed. Because we might see someone to be of little value, or useless. We could think that we could make them do anything for us, by taking advantage of their weakness but remember GOD might have a greater purpose for them.

Harming someone doesn’t mean, you take up the rod or gun and hit them or shoot them down. Harm in any way is harm. GOD has created everyone beautifully, who are we to criticize!?!?

My friends too were in dilemma, is it the same girl we used to hang around, who speaks so much remarking another girl.
Well I didn’t realise then.

Our journey seemed to be a long one, way too much snow, huge traffic line.

As time passed, the bus got crowded and I being the thin one was pushed and pushed and pushed to a corner.
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Suddenly I open my eyes and realise that I am at the door of the bus.

I was like, ” you should neither be big nor be small(thin)”
Because either way you will be pushed.

I never thought the value of life until that very moment. When the bus skidded and the door popped open and bus about to turn one side.
And there I hung by the edge, almost out except I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t been for a hand that held my coat so tightly.

That hand pulled me inside and when I looked at the face, it was the very same person I made fun off. She too didn’t have balance, but she struggled hard and pulled me in.

There was absolute silence in my heart. No idea,what just happened.
I realised if she hadn’t caught me either I wouldn’t be alive here to tell the story or at least definitely would have got injured somehow.

To look at it, it may look simple, that she caught me and I am ok now and may be nothing would have happened that day.

But from my view, from that act of kindness I got GOD’s message. HE made the person whom I mocked to help me out proving that I aint superior to anyone.

Sometimes Life might make you feel down, or as if you are the last and lonely person in the world.

But remember, GOD turns the ugly sticky clay into a beautiful and useful pot. So will HE do with you.

Humble yourself,no harm in doing it. I learnt a good lesson, I am trying to follow that, at times I may not but in all those times i Remember her.

Its never too late to change,to accept people into your life.

That lady pulled me in, made me move inside the bus and when she got down told me,

быть осторожен

(meaning be careful)….


We need to be careful in dealing with peoples emotions. Remember black or white, western or traditional, girl or boy, young or old, we are the same….😊


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