Yup that’s me !!!

Well, let me take you all down my memory lane.

It’s something that made me to write and as well-kept that desire deep down buried because as you know it’s not easy to write.

Sometimes the world threatens you in such way, that you bury your desires, even wipe its trails and walk down the road as if nothing changed.

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I was a school going girl then. As I have mentioned, I was not the talkative type or the interactive one. Didn’t know why back then, but guess I know the answer now.

So all I used to do is either study or write, write and write. I remember writing loads of poems and short stories and essays and never submitting them for any competition.

Actually no one even knew that I could write. May be they thought I was a geek, or nerd which actually I wasn’t or may be even dumb,who knows.

To be frank, I was even afraid to show anyone, that they would laugh at me. So i kept my motto, no friends, no enemies, just keep on writing!!

Sometimes based on the outward look, we forget to see a person’s inner talent. We seal them as boring, noninteractive and even worthless people. But jackfruit is all spiky outside but sweeter and tastier inside.

Back then I used to write spontaneous two liners like our thirukural (tamil literature) and one of my teacher found it out accidentally. So she saw how much i have written and started giving me encouragement to write more.

You wouldn’t believe she even published my poems without my knowledge in our school magazine.

Didn’t get much recognition or appreciation. I refused to write more.

Sometimes we do expect life to change over the very next day, but it can’t. Patience is needed in every situation.

One can’t reach the mountain top by a split second,to do that, you should either be Superman or  an Extra terrestrial creature(do time jump).

So I didn’t wait or ask for a suggestion. Days passed, then found out that this one particular friend had kept track of all my activities. She knew that i write and knew i never show to anyone.

She told me , no use in writing unless you publish or establish your thoughts. I was like ‘what? No way’

Her view was nothing is easy or tuff. But if you are good at something, you better don’t stop doing it. She made me to write again. Encouraged me at every step.

In life, all one need is a push. To reach the end is easy but to take the start is very difficult. Life is not about winning the race, it’s about reaching the finish line.

It doesn’t matter who comes first or last but who finishes the race. Because after that line, our judge is GOD. HE ain’t gonna give, one a gold crown, the other silver and another bronze. All HE has, is a priceless crown for all who crosses that line


I believed in that crown, dreamt of it. And started working for it.

Recognising a person’s talent is very important. If we don’t do it, they will end up like me, an amateur writer.

As life started pushing me down, I tried to pull myself up. I had no one to recognise me, none of my talents. I am not sure whether I have them still.

But I had a request from that good friend of mine before we parted for our higher studies. She told me, “no matter what, keep writing, keep doing what you like and one day publish them, I am sure you will hear an applause”

Here I am writing and publishing it, definitely not for the applause but for the one’s who want me to do it.

She is no more. She passed away because of cancer, I never saw her again. But still she lives in my memory.

Do what you like, walk how you want, speak what you feel – is not a sign to be put up but one that has to be lived up to.

After 10 long years, I am writing again, though an amateur writer, I write what i like and feel.

Keep encouraging and helping others.

Life is all about doing what you like despite what others think….


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