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Donate for Girl Education

100.00 INR

Hi all,

What do you think only boys should be educated and girls be at home?
I don’t get it? Even in this century, why this happens in India.
Are we still in the 40’s or just that we are physically present here but our minds refuse to come back.

Every girl or woman I have met so far, either refused to study because of poor financial situation or the family let the guy study and get the girl married!!!

Its saddening to see woman still hasn’t come out of it. Well, I can’t just stand there doing nothing.

I may not be wonder woman or cat woman but I am a woman and I can do anything.

That’s what I felt when I first saw her.

This is about a poor girl who is striving to study. Let me put down her story, and if willing kindly donate or share to help her.

She is a 17-year-old girl. Her name is chakkarathai. Her name means sweet mother. If you look at her only, one glance you would get the feel of going to a nearby shop and buying her a brand new dress and giving her.

But I had a much different idea. She came to me as a patient, so I first prescribed her medications, then enquired into her background.

Her father left her mom and ran away and her mom being the sole bread-winner, works in a fireworks factory, where she helps them in making them.

Their earning is so low that this chakkarathai being the eldest works in that same factory and other places during her free hours.

She has another small sister who studies well. All chakkarathai wants is to become a


teacher one day.
She is the first girl to graduate from her entire family.
But due to financial situation and her mother’s low-income, she worked hard but lost mark in her state exam. She passed the exam but with not so high marks.
I have enclosed her marks below

I have planned to get her enrolled in a computer course for 5 months and then do a B.A. in correspondence.

If any of you are willing to support, kindly give suggestions of what can I make her study?

Or if any college will accept with low fees structure?
Either kindly donate as low as possible or kindly share.

I will make sure it reaches her.


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