Faith Matters _ a little sermon+++

Yup, let me give a gist, i am not a priest nor the perfect individual but i write this to remind myself that faith indeed matters.

So, here goes,

To have faith is something difficult to follow despite the fact it’s the least we could do.

Everyone of us, knows the story of Goliath and David, (1 Samuel chapter 17)

Who is this Goliath?

In our everyday life, we meet a lot of Goliaths nowadays who are very strong, wealthy in high position, or may be anyone who threatens our very existence.

Remember David was not a soldier or a king, he was not even a grown up. He was a small boy with immense faith on GOD. That’s all that he needed.

I used to be a very reserved person as some of them knew me. Infact not many would remember me actually.

But GOD helped me to become into someone whom no one will recognise me to be.

Let me tell you an instance,

That was the end of the month, had some totally 200 ruble in my pocket totally.

Nobody knew how much i had, we were headed for church. There were ten people in the bus and i heard someone calling me out to pay for all.

Little did they know that i had only little, but still i paid.

Went to church and GOD was like offer everything what you have. I had less than a hundred ruble but still thats all i had….i wont receive money for 3 days….i was wondering,

“what shall i do? I can’t borrow money, no way!!! But then if i give this i can’t even go back home…. But then again, it’s GOD who asks, how can i refuse”

I offered the money, and decided to go by walk to hostel. Along the way, had so many thoughts about how i should have blindly obeyed GOD instead of thinking too hard on it.

Life sometimes seems unfair for some reason but doesn’t actually end there. Life is a road which keeps on showing us ways. Remember dead end doesn’t exist in life.

Faith is obedience. Do what GOD wants despite the situation or your mood. Just do it.

It was a long walk, my stomach started grumbling. I had one of my very good friend with me. A caring and selfless friend. As i suggessted that i am hungry, she put a hand in her pocket and told me lets get something out of this now and share it….

She too had little so I was like, in order to be not shown as one not pictchin in money, let my hand in my pocket and searched and found may be around 350 rubles or something.

I was in shock, cause i know whats in my pocket and i was sure it was empty.
I was overjoyed, i insisted that i pay and had our brunch.

This little miracle no one believed or took it so serious. But it’s something like getting a billion dollars in a lottery for me.

Because it gave me hope that despite what GOD is watching ,be it small or big, HE is watching. HE knows when to do what.

David too had that faith, GOD can make anything happen . That’s why a small boy like him stood in front of that huge goliath with just a sling and five stones.

With the little you have just mix your faith , because that’s the ingredient to your much needed miracle.

With that one stone, he brought goliath down.

So take up your faith stone and beat up all the goliaths around you. Remember you are the David of your life, and no Goliath can stand against you.

Faith matters…..just move on….😄😄😄


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