Disastrous Chicken Curry:-)

Wow, to pen down those memoirs is true happiness indeed for me.

So here is one such kitchen adventure….

I know a lot of people who cook really well or at least know how to do it even if they haven’t done it.

Well, me on the other hand, you wouldn’t believe it, I haven’t seen an onion which is the crucial ingredient of Indian cooking till i turned 19.


And the funny part is, I didn’t want others to know that I have no idea of cooking, I volunteered to cut one onion and ended up cutting through my palm.

One of my friend still gets laugh over that incident whenever I recite it.

So I just wanted to help in with others, so tried my level best to know about the cooking stuff.

You know there is a saying, unless you do it by yourself, you will never learn.

That did happen in my life, I never got to learn,until I tried. The value of food I learnt when I was far away from my family.
When my mom or dad, would get me something to eat that you would never feel hungry.It’s like how most of us grew up not knowing what is hunger.

I lived in a Russian hostel, where you either cook or eat any lavash or bread or shawarma and survive. But to withstand the cold, we needed to have our staple food, at least that’s what I made myself believe in order to have it.

So I had a bunch of friends, who are excellent cook but each with a different style. One of my friend’s fish curry is an everlasting memorable curry. Thank GOD we are alive cause we didn’t eat it.



So to start with I added, oil, didn’t know how much, just poured 2 spoons, then some onion and then upon which mustard, which is totally wrong.
Then added our spices and chicken and added a whole load of water enough for a house of ten people. That’s it. I din’t wait for the mustard to splatter or the onion to fry. Just did everything in a hurry as if the roof was gonna fall down.

Wow, it was more like a rasam (watery soup to be exact) rather than a chicken curry.

Got terrible as well as funny comments which i will never forget in my lifetime. Those where moments of pure joy.

Now when i think of it, it might not have been an edible dish but sure gives me the laugh even today.

I wonder how people used to eat my cooking.

One particular friend had the privilege of eating my cooking for a whole year and she lost, I think may be around 3 kg in a year



So that was the time when I learnt making mistakes is not or never wrong but trying them again is what matters.

Now, I dunno how others will feel but my hubby and brother loves my chicken curry above all. They say it’s the best, cause they don’t have a choice i guess….



So some mistakes are sweet memories too.
We can keep them and share them and even laugh over them a hundred times.

So that’s how I made my first chicken curry…




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